Global 4K Scenery

Global 4K Scenery

G’day all, we have recently received full global HD scenery which has been amazing and an awesome milestone for Infinite Flight. But that’s not the point of this request, this request is for global 4K scenery.

How would this benefit us?

It will benefit us by enabling us to see ground details in a more detailed and true to life experience, which means a more realistic experience.

How would Infinite Flight Implement it?

They would first start off with a small region to see how it effects devices, for example they could first implement it in a region the same size as the Sydney area but at a different location like Singapore and see how it goes. Then slowly increase the amount of 4K scenery so it doesn’t overwhelm devices and servers and make the game extremely laggy and slow.

Current Technology

I understand current technology won’t be able to handle it, but that’s why I stated that they should implement it slowly so technology has time to catch up. With the new 4K scenery it will make the app bigger in size like when we got full global HD scenery. Current satellite technology is growing at a fast rate with how far we have come over the past years it will only be a matter of time until 16K imagery is available as NASA has already gotten pictures of space in 8K.

Cost Of Infinite Flight after its added

With the new 4K scenery comes a new cost to Infinite Flight, it will most likely go up by 10, 15 dollars or even more, which I understand is a lot so Infinite Flight might change the prices so you can pay for just 4K scenery, 4K and HD scenery or just HD scenery.

Feel free to leave your thoughts below. If you want to see this amazing request come to reality make sure to vote for it up in the top left corner.

Please note that this request is not for updated topography. It may also take years for IF to implement it.


Opening picture - Infinite Flight

If the price went up that much I wouldn’t buy it. And if they had specific 4k servers, that would cost more to run making sure you can’t even buy the cheap servers. And this is assuming everyone is always upgrading to the newest advanced phone.


Or computer, don’t kill me please.


They could bring back the feature to lower the terrain graphics in the graphics settings so you don’t always have to have the crème de la crème of device.

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Still a price i$$ue.


Like I said they can start off small and if they realise it will cost to much they can axe the project.


That has the potential of them raising the prices or going into debt all for nothing.


I reckon it’s a good idea but might be a bit too much for a mobile sim.


All I’m saying is that they can upgrade their current server to handle to 4K scenery.

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Take the limit frame rate off for smooth frames 👊🏻👍🏻


On an iPhone 4S?


Hey that sounds fascinating! But as Philippe just said that HD scenary and server hosting are one of the most expensive things in IF, I don’t want to imagine twice the hosting with 4K, I think it would double or triple the price of the PRO subscription that can not be very profitable for many users, in addition to the main lag is the HD scenary in high configuration for low-end devices.


In that case keep it on 👍🏻


Well only time will tell


Oh sure! We are hopeful of many things yet! :)

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I had stated the appreciation for the HD scenery above.

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Don’t know why some people aren’t fully reading the post before commenting. You’ve clearly stated current HD scenery is great.

I think 4K (or 5mm scenery I think from the current 10mm) scenery would be quite neat at least for areas such as New York or London. I’m sure there’s plenty of people willing to fork out $30 or more for IF so this could be a ‘First Class’ subscription for those who’d like to support FDS in a bigger way, and this might also generate some nice yields.

This is obviously not for everyone but personally I love the idea


Already the cost of HD Mesh is quite expensive for devs. Not sure how much it is but, I’m sure it would be much more expensive. For us and devs

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I say yes to 4k and you can not stop technology. The perfect simulator will the day you will experience the same sensation when flying for real…but we are at least 15 years away from that still
I am in favour of a more realistic experience so if it means paying a bit more I am up for it.

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I’m not sure if we have the technical ability yet as this would probably require much more data to stream compared to what we have now. More detailed scenery also comes at a price. So we would have to cover the higher streaming costs as well as the higher acquisition costs for the new scenery.

It’s not a must-have for me though, because the scenery we have at the moment is already absolutely ingenious. It just looks fantastic, the developers did a great job. But I am curious what the future will bring and personally, I would even be willing to pay a higher price to get such a 4K scenery (although of course I also have a pain threshold) when the time comes. I’m pretty sure though that not everyone would want that.