Glitchy terrain

I am currently experiencing glitch flickering terrain on flights at night in total darkness with no moon. This doesn’t happen on flights during the day, sunset/sunrise, and at night with a moon. I made a topic about a similar issue a few months ago, but I feel like it has gotten worse. I am on an iPhone X, and textures will flicker as you pan the screen such as terrain near the horizon, mountains, if you scroll around the cockpit, some areas will flicker blue as you pan, for example, in area with a lot of lakes such as Maine or northern Canada, as you pan the flickering will make the lakes appear as if they are briefly changing shape. If you have an iPhone X, you can try to reproduce this by going in cockpit view and panning around, or in normal view and panning around. Make sure it is a dark night with no moon. I have tried clear cache, restarting, etc. any ideas?

This doesn’t happen on IF on my ipad however, I think it is just the iPhone X.

Try clearing the senery catch

I tried clearing cache and uninstall reinstall and it didn’t work @moderators do you have any advice?

Do you have a recording of the flickering? Some flickering is normal as it is loading tiles. It would help to know what exactly you are seeing to be able to answer you without guessing.

I uploaded a video to YouTube, the link is
It’s not very high quality but you might be able to see it well if you look at the cockpit screens. It will sort of make it look like they are changing shape.

If you are referring to the screens in the aircraft looking as if they are bending, that’s down to the black pixels in your phone’s display smearing. It’s not an uncommon issue with OLED/ AMOLED devices, their black/ white, grey/ grey response times aren’t the highest and as a result the rest of the screen behaves normally whilst the black pixels take longer to react. It’s much more prevalent when your brightness is low or you have lots of dark objects on screen. That would also explain the smearing around the horizon line where the terrain is light and the sky is dark. There unfortunately isn’t a fix for this as it’s a hardware issue rather than software. It’s also not something to worry about as your device isn’t damaged in any way, I myself have it on a few different devices. You learn to live with it 😉

It’s strange because it doesn’t do this on my iPad and when I first got the phone it didn’t used to do this

Your phone and tablet will have different screens made by different manufacturers. For example, my Pixel 2XL uses an LG POLED panel and suffers quite badly from black smearing at low brightness, whereas my 3XL with a Samsung OLED panel suffers much less from this issue. It’s also not present in most LCD screens due to their fast response times. iPads use an IPS LCD screen, whereas the newest iPhones (with the exception of the XR and 11) use OLED screens. As for it getting worse over time, unfortunately I don’t have an answer for that. I haven’t heard of it being an issue that gets progressively worse.

It also only does this on infinite flight and not on other applications and the flickering also appears blue. Also I took a screenshot and it will have the same effect in the camera roll. Do you think I should get a new display?

Could you send the screenshot you took?

I will see the same flickering I see on the app on the screenshot if I start scrolling up and down.

The blocky looking effect of the cockpit I believe is simply down to how the simulator handles night lighting. It’s not uncommon for this to happen in many games/ applications.

In regards to it “flickering” when scrolling through the image, this again leads me to believe that it’s purely down to your phone display. I’m not allowed to share a screenshot here, but I can promise you that it looks the same to me in the dark. The smearing will look slightly blue. That’s just a part of OLED screens, nothing to be worried about. You learn to ignore it after a while.

My last phone had an LCD screen. Does this not happen on LCD screens?

LCD screens have much faster response times, their black- white and grey- grey response times are leagues ahead of a standard 60Hz OLED screen. A lot of it will also be down to input lag and the touch polling rate of your screen: it can get highly technical and confusing to follow along with… I can’t say I’ve ever noticed it on my Xperia XZ1 or Razer Phone, and they both have LCD screens

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