Glitchy A330 Bug

I just spawned in the new A330 with the Singapore livery at VHHH, and then this happened:

Interior view:
Exterior view: Screenshot_20190314-175918

Only the HUD view works currently.
Device: Google Pixel 2 64GB


Restart the app. See if that helps. Let me know if it does.

Did you update the app or did you do a fresh install of 19.1?

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Just updated the app. Let me trying restarting.

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Restarting won’t help, sorry. Still doing the same thing.


If reinstalling doesn’t resolve it then go ahead and delete the app then reinstall a fresh build.


same here, only the HUD view works

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What device? Please include details.

Also. Can we get some info of your device?

Currently using the Google Pixel 2 64GB. I have plenty of storage

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iPhone 8S the 260bg.


Same issue here, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, attempting a fresh reinstall of the game.

iPhone 7 - IOS 12.1.4 - Same issue on my side

I am having the same issue on my iPad, I’ve restarted but it’s not working

Okay, there might have been an issue during the installation of the update.

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Fresh reinstall helped! Thanks! I can now see the beauty of the new A330!


Redownloading the game

OMG SAME HERE!! Hope this would be resolved!!

Yep, delete and a re-install worked for me:)