Glitchness during flight

I am doing a flight from Copenhagen to Chicago using the SAS A350 and here and there it will glitch, but when I hit the pause button and let it sit for a while it will stop

Has anyone had this happen during there flights at all?

Is there a solution to not have this happen?

If so can someone help me with this please?

Thank You

If you pause mid-flight - the app will lose connection to the server - and may not connect back - also the app may restart. If you exit the app for a small period of time - the app will restart.

Did you change WiFi networks while in-flight?

I turned the wifi off and back on to see if that will help

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Why did you pause the flight may I ask?

Because when it was glitching it got annoying and I wanted to pause to see if it will help and it did but then the glitchiness will come back

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How was it glitching?

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Well if I go into the cockpit or just look at the plane and i touch to slide it glitches. Just now I was touching the screen it was fine, but then it glitched.

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In what way was it glitching? Was it going black or what?

That’s happened to me too, but I’ve had connection issues when it happened

What device do you use ? This may be an fps problem

It was just slow and not going normal speed

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I use a Iphone 7

Turn down your graphics settings and see if that helps

In the app what do you have for your Graphics settings?

and see if you have Limit Frame Rate checked

Yeah thats a relatively old device - so lower your graphics settings and you should be good :)

Is it possible to get a screen recording so we can understand this situation better?

I lowered all my graphics, so hopefully this will work so far it is

How would he upload a video here?

By uploading ot to YouTube, Google Photos, any media that you can link? 🙂

@TimShan05 it wouldn’t be a in-game issue, more a on-device issue with device speed.

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