Hey guys

I have been doing flights daily and never had a issue until last night. When i am taxiing to a runway or on the ground period the airplane glitches but only when i am in the cockpit view. It literally just started last night. Its not a huge glitch but it slows down and speeds up once about every other second. Its annoying. Is anyone having this issue when taxiing?

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Make sure to restart you device before every flight to keep the ram clear and to have a few gigabytes of storage.

You need a strong internet connection. What device and OS do you have?

Restarting your device and ensuring your internet connection is strong should help prevent niggles and glitches like these. If you’re still having problems, try reinstalling Infinite Flight. Hope this helps.

I love the titles that people come up with. Also, please give us more information so that we can solve the issue for you.


The title is a very good title. Explains the whole scenario. Just not in detail. That is where his post comes in.

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I know. That statement wasn’t supposed to be sarcastic, but I guess it came across as one. Sorry!

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Um well my atc keeps flashing on and off in the cockpit during taxi and take off so sort of

Would it be possible to get a video of the glitch? “Glitch” can mean any number of things from simple to major issues.

Also lets keep this thread focused on the OP’s original glitch and not turn this into a thread for any glitch.


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