Glitching on speed or altitude

Hello i’m having problems with the speed and altitude as soon as i hit full throttle it glitches and the purple line indicating how fast or slow i’m going moves like crazy please if anyone has this issue help please?

Was there turbelence? Or strong winds. The winds could change your speed ferry fast.

This is a known bug. In the meantime, I would restart your device before each flight.

It has to do with a combination of changes in altitude along with wind pattern and wind speed changes. I just realized this as it never happens above 5,000 feet. At least for me it doesn’t.

Known issue. This is particularly noticeable when in the pattern doing touch and goes. This “random fluctuation” will occur about every 5-10 minutes. Once you depart the airspace and are off to your destination, your aircraft will be utilizing another source for the winds, winds aloft data as opposed to the METAR that is found at the airport field.

In cruise you won’t notice this issue much or at all. You’ll get use to it and perhaps there’ll be a solution to this sometime soon. Until then I’ll just table this in the meantime. Thanks for the report!

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