glitching and app shut down

the whole app shuts down when its time for me to fly and its glitching

Hello there,

Can you provide us with more details such as your device specs and available storage. What are your graphics settings and so on.

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Maybe your device is over heating and/or your graphics are to high. I personally recommend before a flight is to restart your device. This clears everything and let’s Infinite Flight run more smoothly. A couple other tricks are

Restart Device
Low Graphics
Advoid ATC
Keep device up to date
No background apps
Delete app and re download it

Yep just had that happen to

If you are experiencing difficulties with the app it’s always good practice to close the app, fully power down your device and reboot. This gives you a fresh start and then reload Infinite Flight.

Ensuring that limit frame rate is on (enabled) and anti-aliasing is off (disabled) may be helpful too. The devs also added a feature which allows you to clear cache within the app. This can be found in the General Settings at the bottom.

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