Glitching after loading in

Every time I try to fly in the A350 today, it keeps glitching the app out. Anything I could do to fix this?


What is your device?

Mine did this too until I moved to a much quieter airport on the expert server…

Interesting. It may be due to a magnitude of aircraft. I guess I’ll just have to experiment.

I have an iPad Mini.

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What are you running settings wise?

By the way welcome to the community!

Thank you!

I have rendering quality on high, but I have limit frame rate checked, I also have only medium planes to show up on live

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I suggest lowering them to medium with your device.

If you just got IF, it will automatically set everything to high I believe.

Alright. I’ve had IF for a long time, it’s crashed before, but not like this where it is like 5 times in a row, ranging from 1 minute from loading in to 10 mins into the flight.

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