Hello, I noticed some glitches with the new update on the SAS A320. - some engine details disappear along with the beacon lights. It also happens in the air when viewing the plane from below. see pics

This is apart of the new LOD (Level of Detail) to updated aircraft. The devs implemented this recently.


This may have to do with how FDS makes performance better by reducing details of the model as you are farther away from the aircraft. ( called LOD )

I never understanded the LoD?. Can you explain what this does to infinte flight?

As mentioned above, the new aircraft come with higher detail so in order to improve performance you will see changes as you zoom away.

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LOD makes performance better so IF can run smoothly by reducing small details of the aircraft model the farther you view it from

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Really? But the things on the sides of the engine just disappear into thin air. Also happens to detailes on the bottom of the plane

That’s normal. Take a look at the quoted text. :)

Oh yeah it does not happen when I zoom in! Sorry folkes that was rather silly of me. Thanks for your time guys

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