Glitches out map in global

There is a glitch where this happens when flying to KLAX in IF, please help

Did you recently update to the newest version? There’s a glitch when you get near an A330 or fly in one that looks somewhat similar to this.

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There was a hotfix pushed and is available on your respective App Store that should solve this issue. 😊

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I’ve flown a dash 8-Q400 and a MD 11F and I have also updated to the latest version

Ok I’ll see if it will work by reinstalling

I’m still getting this glitch with the A330 even with the most recent update.

Have you reinstalled the app, that’s what I got told and it worked


What iOS version are you currently on?
Even though you’ve installed the hotfix, it might be your iOS version that is causing this issue.

If you’re on the newest version then maybe a quick reinstall might do the job.

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