Glitches in Infinite Flight😭

Haven’t played in 2 months…was doing a flight down to Sydney and it 90% in…the damn app crashed…noooooo…there’s goes my flight😭😭😭

I’m sorry and I hear that’s.

As far as I am concerned it isn’t that common for that to happen. Atleast it hasn’t happened once for me. Hope it doesn’t happen again!Safe flights.

I was doing a flight from lax to Lhr
Halfway through the flight
My damn iPad shut downed bcs it was 1% and I forgot to put it in charge

That’s not a glitch

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It is a glitch from my brain

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Hi @Falcon2 , sorry to hear you’re having issues with the simulator…

In future, if you make a #support topic, fully listing your device details and your issue, the team and a few knowledgeable forum members may be able to help you resolve your issue :)


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