Glitches - flying with quick freezes and gittering

I have a brand new iPad Air 2 and infinite ran super smooth and when I flew home I noticed it kinda shook and glitches with the flying aspect of the plane, any tips on fixes?

This has been posted before. Please check before posting.

IF uses a lot of tablet/phone resources, if resources are low you get this behaviour.

Before each flying activity: close all apps, switch off tablet/phone completely (or hard-reboot), start-up and then run IF.

Hope this helps!

In flight at like cruise it fitters slightly, do you suggest any other solutions? Thanks

Gitters* sorry like it isn’t smooth


This may have something to do with speeds. If you are travelling at extremely high speeds the aircraft can become, somewhat uncontrollable.

I also notice how you said “when I flew home”. Which say to me that you have took-off, landed at destination, then flew back. After a long flight, the floating point bug comes into play. This usually happens on the ground. Find out more here.


No, no I meant in real life I went on a flight, it’s a sort of of centre ground gittering kind of thing, indeed I hope the game gets even smoother throughout updates