glitches and bugs?

I was about to go on a flight when I noticed that the yoke and the ailerons were moving in small rapid movements. It was as if I were shaking my tablet. I tried rebooting the device multiple times as well as setting the device still. None of those helped. Please help.

Check you sensitivity setting and check if rudder and ailerons are coupled in the settings.

The roll/pitch bars are still showing that the device is moving in small, rapid movements

Do you have sensitivity set to high?

Yea this happens sometimes with my Elevators. I would put my phone down and it would be completely still and the yoke would got nuts moving by itself. Doesn’t happen as great as it used to, but it still does it sometimes, just doesn’t effect me as much while flying.

No its sort of in between medium and high

Yeah my yoke was going absolutely nuts even when I was on the ground

What device are you on? Im on Galaxy S5.

I use a kindle fire hd tablet

Ok so it happens on other devices too. Well mine does it just a little bit now. But I used to not be able to fly at one point it was so bad. But an update happened and mostly gone now for me.

That’s interesting because infinite flight never glitches on my device. This has happened before though.

I can still fly the plane but its when I’m landing or taking off is when it affects me the most

Yea I can’t remember the exact update. But this was definitely a while ago like last December when it was a really big problem for me. After the A320 update, I don’t recall having anymore problems. It was there and then all of a sudden it was gone.

Did the bug go away the next day or does it stay for a while?

  1. I tried to restart the game and sometimes it would stop.
  2. I also would leave the server and come back in and it would go away sometimes.
  3. Sometimes It would just go away on its own and then show up again during flight if you hand fly it. It never happened while on Autopilot.

Yea it was crazy, but like I said mine isn’t really a factor anymore.

Oh well that sucks for me because I like to make my landings look professional but then again, I fly on autopilot for the majority of a flight.

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Yea it only effected me on Departure and Approach. My takeoffs were so bad :/

For me it usually starts to affect me when I pass the 500ft callout

Yep thats how mine was. It was like my Elevators had a mind of there own. lol
At first I thought I was being hacked.

Do you know if its a certain plane or is it any plane that you fly?
Ive been flying the 717 a lot recently