Glitched / Unopenable replays in 21.4

When trying to open my Solo replay from flying with the A330 it doesn’t open for a solid 5-10mins so I end up closing the app and trying again with no success, any tips?

Device Stats

iPad Air 2
Stable and full Internet Connection
iPadOS 15.0 Beta 3 / iOS 14.6

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Same here
Internet is well stable.

Samsung Galaxy A21s
Android 11 (Latest update)

I deleted and re-download the App. Cleared Cache. Restarted device and the problem is still there.

Actually it does open but it keeps the Grey loading screen so I can’t see aircraft and surroundings. There is Audio though. I also noticed there is no Loading screen. It’s just Grey.

Able to reproduce

Samsung Galaxy Note 9
Android 11 (Latest update)

For my S&V topic for the new update I posted earlier I had to use solo mode to get pictures.

@Jxshua Can you send me a replay you’re experiencing this issue with so I can check on my end? Either DM or email ( Thanks!

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Sure thing!

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@Dream_High @lotus which airports are you starting from?

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Kigali Airport (HRYR) for me

Same with me

I saw yours from the replay, thank you again :)
So it looks like it’s affecting Kigali. We’ll look into this some more. Sorry about this!


KSFO - San Francisco.

Do you mind sharing your replay with me? Same as here:


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