Glitched out of game.

Dear fellow IF users.
I was recently doing a flight in Croatia when my game froze and glitched back to the menu screen. This has happened many times to me but over the time I am getting slightly more annoyed even though it is not your fault. Is there a way to stop this glitching and freezing or is it an on going problem.

Happy Flying Cign

Could we please have your device/OS, as well as does it just like go back to the menu screen in flight or does the app crash and then when you reopen it you’re in the menu screen?


I have a IPad mini 1 which always without a doubt works perfectly even though it’s old the battery is replaced and I always do software updates. The app crashes and when I open it back up it goes straight to the menu screen.

I have this issue sometimes too. I just exit the game fully, restart the device and open Infinite Flight again.

Yes, but I’m wondering if there is anything I can do to stop this in the future. It usually occurs on final stopping me from enjoying the landing.

That is just an app crash, likely due to lack of RAM.

So there is nothing I can really do to stop it??

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Well every time you leave your flight, my guess is to clear scenery cache, exit out of Infinite Flight fully and restart my device. I am not sure though.

Not on a Mini 1.

A new device would probably fix it, but on such an old device RAM and power are sort of an issue for Infinite Flight.

Ok thank you all.

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Scenery cache is scenery cache, not a clear lag button

It does pile up your storage sometimes. That’s why I said this. It would give me a more fresher start doing this.

Also make sure you have plenty of gigs left before playing Infinite Flight. Piling up storage also causes the app to crash.

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