Glitched airport-SD77

I recently flew to Mettler Airport (SD77) in IF and found that it sits a few hundred feet below the surrounding terrain. This glitch makes it almost impossible to fly into. Can some of you fix it?


Hi, this is a known bug, and it should be fixed in the next airport and navigation update, which should come soon!

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In the meantime, there’s an event challenging anyone who dares to land at SD77, it’ll be linked below 😉


Hmm, who made that 👀


Totally not you

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Hello! Please see my reply below regarding SD77 on another topic. The airport has been fixed and will be the correct elevation in the next navigation update pushed by Cameron.

Thanks! However, this problem continues to exist in many Colorado airports.

Go ahead and report to the airport editing team and they’ll get them done, ill do some airport editing on some if you request!!

You can also challenge yourself to land there, think of the bug/glitch as a treat from the developers as a landing challenege!

I know. I may do the landing challenge.

It’s already been done

Thanks!! I want to fly to a normal SD77…

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