@americanairlines is banned (and for a while too) but he still seems to be above me on the top of me in the users tab, anyone have any idea what’s going on?

Ooh, I’m second - YAY - Ok, I have no idea why it would be that way…

They’ve done that for a while now - not sure why. Some banned people are still on the top.

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Weird glitch. Also, I have never seen that page. How do you reach it?

Press the icon between the search button and your profile picture and select users.

I just find it funny how he is banned until 2290 lol

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He then is still alive at 2290… Then a message gets posted out. Creepy lol


I’ve seen this too. And with other members. I think it this week last year.

Could it be another account with the same username?

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