I just looked at the SoCal map and I saw the San Francisco Region Map With all the aircraft in it. Is this a glitch? I tried to fly there but it wouldn’t let me.

It’s not a glitch. Aircraft can be seen from other close regions, however, you can’t fly from one region to another. You’ll have to wait for global flight in order to do that.


They can just easily add the Southern California, San Francisco. And Seattle regions all in one, but they should not add the airports along the way, only the airports in the regions just land not water. Since it just shows water.

Global flight is coming soon so you will be able to fly to/from any airport in the world.

There have been discussions about this in the past, but like I said, global flight is in the works which means you can fly everywhere around the world. :)

How soon? Laura is already doing it.

No one knows. Some speculate around Christmas but only the devs can tell.


No one can be sure at the moment, but we know Laura is testing it.

Where is IF office?

San Francisco

They don’t have an official office. Philippe and Laura live in San Francisco while others live elsewhere.

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