So a fellow colleague had a glitch in the game where the A350 came up in the aircraft list. It was the A350-900 though, instead of the newer and more popular 1000. I think it’s time IF gave us more info on the A350, as it has left all of us at IF Country Crew confused and puzzled. What do you guys think???

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All developments regarding the A350 can be found in either this thread or the developer timeline.


So it is the 900??? Bit disappointing if I’m honest

Well, it’s better than no A350 🤷🏼‍♂️


Why? The -900 has a bigger variety of liveries!

Relax, they’ll get to the A35K once they’re done with the -900 :)

That’s pretty weird…
As for your second suggestion, you can check the website below for more info on the a350

Not BA though. I’m most excited for that

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Well, everything has its ups and downs…

Yes especially planes

In the CA Bay Area, do you prefer SJC or SFO?
Most likely you would prefer SFO right?

Well it’s disappointing that you didn’t pick SJC but everything has its ups and downs. To you, it may be disappointing that the A359 will get added not the A35K. But would you rather have that or no A350 at all?

If you don’t get what you want, be grateful for what you have.


You sure? That doesn’t sound realistic.

If you look back at the May 3rd post on the development timeline, they said that they were only focusing on the -900 variant for now. So it’s been known for a while that they are only working on the one variant for now.

How not???

The A350 isn’t even in beta-testing from what I know, so it doesn’t seem possible for that to happen since they’re working on it still…

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Your friend got a “glitch” where an unreleased plane which is still in development popped up on the aircraft list in the game?

If you have like any proof then ill change my mind.


I have a picture


And who is your friend?

Pretty (99.99%) sure that that’s photo-shopped or edited or whatever