So im taxing in KJFK and preparing for my flight to KDEN and i noticed that this pops up

As you can see the ETE is in the 90s but the flight is 5:04 worth of fuel is this a glitch or major headwinds?

The “ETE to Dest” Time shows how long it would take you while going your current speed. You are probably going 5knts GS. Once you get up in the air and going the speed you disire, it will show you the actual flight time. Lol


Oh thats new it used to just say the flight time on my end of IF

Really? For as long as I’ve been here, it’s always been like that. Once you get in the air and going 250knts+ (above 10,000ft), see if it fixes itself (and shows the true ETE). Report back


Are you perhaps talking about Flight Time as in how many hours you’ve flown already or flight time in how many hours it is left till you arrive at you destination?

As @Balloonchaser already said, as you are above 10000ft and beyond 250kts then you’ll see that you ETE fixes itself and measures around your speed which will give you a better idea, a more precise number on how many hours it is left till you arrive.

In case you’re looking for Flight Time as in for how long you’ve been flying then you can tap and hold on the menu bar below and slide to far right and down to the bottom and you’ll see it says Flight Time there. It’ll update and show you for how long you’ve flown but if you’re curious about your ETE, then that’ll fix itself as you’re airborne and cruising at correct altitude :)

Since you’re on the ground as of now and taxiing not so fast I suppose, that means if you were to taxi at the speed your going now, all the way along the ground to KDEN, then it’d take approximately 90hrs or so.


I agree with Balloon here. The ETE has always changed depending on where you were in the flight including taxi to departure. It’s always been this way as far as I remember.


The ETE is based on the speed and location of your aircraft along your flight plan, if you get tailwinds, then your ETE will be a lesser amount of time and vice versa. So if your going at 30knots, it will take you 90hrs to get to Denver. Once again, the faster you are, the smaller the time.

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