These ar two photos of my grade table one yesterday and today. I only had 3 more violations. Why did the first photo didn’t tell me how many violations I got in total or even tell me the ratio?!


No, it’s not a glitch.
The ratio is based on your rolling 12 months of activity.

Meaning, what you did 12 months and 1 day ago doesn’t count.
The ratio can therefor change from day to day based on how well you’ve behaved for the past 12 months.

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I have only been on live for about 2 months! How come that happened and the first photo was the one I took yesterday!

You’re absolutely correct.

Actually, there was a minor bug in the Grading table that was fixed yesterday.
In some circumstances, the ratio could display “0.00” even though you had violations. Which as you understand, would be incorrect.

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Oh ok thanks, guess I won’t get to GL3 in a while

Don’t be so sure. You just need another 30 or so landings without getting more violations and you’ll be there pretty quick :)

@DeerCrusher makes 30 landings in 5 minutes… he’s a wicked man when it comes to pattern work :)


Wow, I can only make at least 3!

Technically you’re not far off.

All you really need is:

  • 143 landings total (25 more landings than what your current number shows on image 2)
  • Don’t receive any more violations for the next few days. The violations for the (7 day) period is quite high. Keep it less than 3 and you’ll be ok.
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Oh yes, the reason I have so many violations. My younger brother took an 787 for a trip at 500 knots. I ended up with more than 5 violations!

Then it might be a good idea to change the password on your device. 😅 Because he’s the one that’s likely wrecking your opportunity at a higher grade.


I didn’t allow him to but he did it any way. He was screaming so loudly and was making a tantrum when I asked for it back he kept holding on to it and then bye bye grade 3

Your 3 year old bro has you wrapped around his finger it seems. Don’t ask, take it back then pretend it ran out of battery or switch to solo. Works for me when I see a bratty cousin…


Yes I still love him it’s just the younger ones can be super annoying. I do the same thing and he knows that I’m trying to trick him. Darn it he’s too smart! Haha

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