Hi there,

Just recently during the last two flights I’ve tried to make from Los Angeles to Palm Springs, I’ve had a glitch occur during the approach. I got down to about 10,000ft and then the ATC button flashes but I wasn’t given any instruction or message from ATC. I clicked on the button, and pressed ‘acknowledge’ and the game freezes and exits the app. I try to open the app again and it’s exited the flight I was in and brought me back to the home screen.
The first time It happened I was flying the 787-8 and second time I was flying the Embraer 190. It has also happened before but I didn’t take much notice as it was the first time it had happened and didn’t happen again for a while.
If there is a way of fixing this I would appreciate any help I can get because as I’m sure anyone can imagine it would be extremely annoying.

Thanks :)

Can we get a background of your device. This will help explain the issue you’re facing

This is known issue with that region, and should be fixed in the coming update!

Sorry for any inconvenience.