Glitch with the F/A 18

Hi, I’ve been experiencing a glitch and what happens is I take off in my F/A 18 and when I go into the replay to watch how I took off, the replay doesn’t show the jet’s wheels! Please help! Also, does anyone here have the same problem?


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The F18 is a very old model in Infinite Flight, Untill it gets updated, nothing can be done to fix this. Note that its the same on the c17,also a very old model (I think), In short neither has gear animation at this point in time


Do you think the two models will ever get updated? And also, I’ve flown the f/a 18 many times and in replays the gear always shows up until now!


That’s anyone’s guess. Always a chance they will get updated some point down the line. Would certainly be cool to have an updated C17

But honestly, IMO there is way to much focus on developing commercial jet liners, which is unfortunate as there is some great GA and military aircraft out there. So any update to either model will be a while down the line


Can you please provide some more information? Device? Operating system?

I fly on an iPad Air. Operating system is iOS 10.0.2. The glitch started a 3 days ago.

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