Glitch with the C208

I have a general question as it might be my device but I’ve noticed that when I wish to see how much fuel I’ve used, it displays zero fuel or an amount that is completely illogical. And I’m wondering if anyone else has these issues with the C208. Hopefully there are a few of you that fly it. If I’m in the wrong area, please move me. Thank you.

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It happened with an F-22 with 132 per cent of fuel for me.

Ur saying that on the bottom tab, when u select fuel used, it shows an incorrect amount if not zero use?

Yes,but the glitch happens very rarely,and happened most when I spawned.

Understood, but my issue is in the air, after at least 30mins of flight. It’s interesting. Does anyone know of a possible fix. And thank you for ur input.

I’m an avid flyer of the C208 and have never had an issue like what you’re describing. From my understanding according to what you wrote, after 30 minutes the fuel is empty?

  • Did you add fuel to the tanks before taking off?

  • Do you have any supporting screenshots of these illogical depictions on the weight and balance page after you have landed?

With airliners, if you spawn at a gate less airport and on the runway with your engines running, your fuel used will remain 0

No, I’m not saying it’s empty. Sometimes on the bottom I like to see my fuel USE displayed. And it say zero fuel has been USED.

Moderator please close this. I simply have to come to terms that much is lost when communicating thru text.