Glitch with new 20.1 update

So, I spawned in multiple times with the 777, and everytime I calibrate and get in the cockpit, the plane slams into the ground, and starts nose diving. Any suggestions on what to do? I have already clear Scenery Cache and that’s not doing anything

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Restart app, restart device?

Restarted your device?

Please try clearing scenery cache and try again


I shall restart device, and we will see what happens

The OP stated he has already tried clearing the scenery cache, but to no avail.

My Bad. Sorry.

No worries!

Restarting or clear ram. Fails try clearing cache.
For me I can’t restart because hehe I’m jailbroken on 13.5, well I can but I’ll be stuck in a bootloop :)

Edit: delete and reinstall app, might work

I just deleted and reinstalled, had to sign in, and I now cannot get in

That would be a result of the on-going server issues. You’ll need to wait until the servers are back up and running as they should be.

Yup, just searched, I must do the wait

Yeah. Wait until everything is sorted and then see if you are still experiencing the issue.

I have a bug where you can here the old engine sounds and the new one at the same time also the audio cuts out

so, right now, i was able to get back into my account yet to check if i fall through ground

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