Glitch with Camera View

hi everyone,
just wanted to know if anyone else ever had the same error as I did.

if you watch here

the glitch starts at minute 2:01 when my camera view starts to act weirdly. it changed simultaneously between top view and normal view and I can’t even drag the view to the aircraft side view.

all of these glitch started since I lost my internet connection around a minute before. usually when it’s happened I can still fly normally.

and for anyone questioning why I tried to land on the desert, well, the story a bit complicated to explain and let’s not focusing on that :)) let’s just say I was desperate :))

let me know if you ever had the same error as me.

thank you.

EDIT : I just realize the HDG problem, but the camera view still confuse me :)

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You are flying into the ground. I don’t know how that didn’t qualify as a crash honestly.

Your heading was locked because you had NAV armed/enabled. As you seen, once you disabled NAV the aircraft then followed your heading input.

I don’t believe there’s a glitch here rather the pilot in control is flying too close to the terrain and the loss of internet connection.


yes I must be hit the nav button accidentally and I have edited my topic :)

i probably agree with you I must’ve been crashed earlier but I didn’t.

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