Glitch while taxing

Hello I have had this glitches more then once, I was taxing to the runway and my speed got stuck and I could not stop it I ended up getting a violation . Sometimes I cant do anything thing the only thing I can do to avoid the Violation is to end the flight. Love the game but this bug is really starting to bug me. (I tried using brakes it didn’t work either)

Ways to reproduce, device, device OS please.
The only thing that gets close with the speed locking, is the replay button bug, in which every activated part of the A/P, when you replay the scene, locks your throttle and yoke/control stick. But that only happens on Solo, and you´re talking about Live.

No problem, but please write down how to reproduce the issue, your device, and its OS.

I know how. Just go over 30kts GS on Live and try pulling the thrust back


Ugh I hate it when that happens, I go over 30kts and when I pull back on the thrust it won’t go back.