Glitch While Landing At CYYZ?

Hello, I was landing at CYYZ after a 2hr 30 min flight on the expert server. I was on right base when I found the world around me freaking out. I thought maybe it was just happening one time. I continued inbound and when I reached to 200 I heard the call out freaking out echoing whatever it says. The airport was soo glitched out and had freaky colliders. When I even landed I was floating and the airport was just glitched and started pushing me away from the runway as if I was sliding. I was panicking thinking I was about to get a violation or ghost, thankfully I didn’t. I would just like to ask if the airport is just glitched or is this a one-time thing?


This could be corrupt files, please try reinstalling Infinite Flight ;)!

Its a one time thing (Usually)

Restart your device and app and it should be back normal! :)
(You dont have to reinstall usually)

Have you tried to Uninstall and reinstall IF?

I believe it was actually a connection problem because rn for some reason my phone is barely connecting to anything. Probably the world didn’t load properly.

Then i guess its a connection problem if you think so.

In that case, restart your router or modem or put your device in airplane mode for a few seconds then switch back to a stable connection.

This happened to me as well a couple of weeks ago when I was descending into CYYZ too. Clearing the RAM did the trick for me.

I think this happens with unstable connection, while running ATC this occurs many times with certain aircraft.

Did not happen to me when on approach to CYYZ, it’s probably your local device and a restart should solve the problem. If not, go for a reinstall. :D