Glitch while descending into airport

I experienced a glitch while descending into EVRA airport. The model was the A220 and it just swung left and right and then nosedived as autopilot disconnected. What a complete waste of time!. IPad Air 2 running os 15.8.1

Hi @Stunna , sorry to hear you are experiencing an issue.

Based on what you’ve said, it sounds more like an issue with the autopilot rather than a glitch, perhaps your aircraft was too slow or heavy?

It could be worth sharing your replay so users can have a look and see what might have caused this:

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This sounds like it could be a calibration issue. It’s happened to me before. Did you calibrate before dis engaging the autopilot?

Here is the replay

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Seems to go very wrong out of nowhere.
The AP disconnects because of the aircraft’s erratic behavior.

This is one the devs better take a look at.

This sounds like a trim issue to me

So you didn’t look at what happened in the replay?

Na too lazy lol
Also it wont load for me anyway

Please don’t make assumptions.
In this category only state things you know to be true.
Otherwise chances are it’s not helpful at all. :)

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Does the app crash or is it stuck at the loading screen?

Well from experience and from the description, improper Trim would be true.
I guess not for this case though. sorry to miss lead.

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Did you directly just click the file or did you import it in the logbook?

For some reason it just never loads the file, like the app loads but not the replay. It’s not a huge deal, but its something about importing.

Something unusual is going on, After the first disconnection of Autopilot, It disconnects while in the nosedive meaning it was actively trying to reconnect which autopilot does not do on its own.

Correct me if im wrong.

It’s a weird one.
I’ve sent this one to be checked by a dev.
Hopefully the cause will be found.

I was away from the device so i just heard the overspeed warning and went to lower the speed using autothrottle but then i realized that the autopilot had actually disconnected and the plane was in a freefall

I had a similar issue last year, Never understood it.

Youre right, a dev is best suited for this.

Can i see your flight plan?

Also, it seems you were at Mach .65 when descending, It doesn’t seem too good at 28000ft.

I dont know about the nerdy a220 stuff but generally it seems slow for that high of an altitude. But no stall warning so i cant seem to be finding anything out.

I actually just plot mine when i spawn in the game. I dont import flight plans

edit: after examining further, I’m somewhat more skeptical of what I wrote below (I think likely, sufficiently adverse wind behavior would have been more apparent in the replay)

Looks like you had a heavy crosswind.

Though replay doesn’t show winds directly, the angle your flight path vector was at considering your speed through the air makes the crosswind look like of the 100kts or so variety?

Did you notice anything unusual in what the winds were doing?

Were they changing much?

If I max out the wind slider (just below 100kts) from a 30 degree angle or so and let the IAS stabilize about where you had it for that altitude, and then I transition abruptly to no winds, I get quite violent rocking. Though I couldn’t quite get the AP to shut off yet. Though it looked a bit like it was approaching what I saw in your replay.

I don’t know how much the replay shows in terms of the “fidelity” of the wind changes. Like if the replay smoothed out the suddeness of any wind change getting depicted.