Glitch while controlling

I was controlling Approach and Tower multiple times while this glitched occurred- I would want to instruct an aircraft, and when I tapped the icon, it changed to a Cessna 172 and said the aircraft was unknown. When I tried to tap the aircraft again, the box for instructions popped up, but there were no options to select. I fixed it by switching the ATC offline and reconnecting. It fixed the glitch, however- new planes joined the server and the glitch happened to them.

Any fixes?

Hi @electron2k,

Unfortunately if an aircraft is displayed as ‘Unknown’, you will not be able to send instructions to them unless you end your session and reopen the frequency. It is caused by a connection error on either the pilot or the controller’s side

Since this happens multiple times with more aircrafts, it is most likely an unstable connection on your side. Controlling requires a stable internet connection in order to communicate with aircrafts.

Can you check your internet connection and make sure it is stable and not weak and intermittent?