Glitch thing?

Have you every had that glitch that makes you sink into the ground and your aircraft looks funny well it happends more if you land in the grass bit in the middle of knowhere and I would like to ask the devs PLEASE FIX IT

You can kinda see it here

Hard landing, I think

No like the front wheel sinks into the ground and you can’t move

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When you land too hard, the gear sink into ground and ur flight is over :(

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Yea and it’s really annoying

Try to land smooooth :)

If you slam the gear, you will “break” the gear.

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Actually it isn’t over…

Once I landed too hard at WMKK and realized I couldn’t turn (I checked if AP HDG was enabled but it was disabled) so next up, I went into the Exterior camera view and realized the front landing gear was sunk into the ground then immediately I throttled up and nosed up a little and voila, back to normal!

Not sure if it works for all planes, I used an A388…

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This happens when you either land too hard OR you come down at to steep of an incline when on final

This a known issue…Please continue discussion here :-)