Glitch sent me down to Grade 2

So I was flying from London to Singapore and when I got over Germany my plane fell out of the sky in about 1 second I kept falling through the map then my screen went dark and my flight quit out. I was given 5 violations for this and went down to grade 2. I was really excited about the event today and so I was flying in but now I can’t. If someone could help that would be great.

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welcome @CaptainBrad to the community :) When did this happen? Did you have to restart the game in order to play again? Regarding the violations, you should contact one of the moderators, and I’m sure they’ll remove your violations… I had a similar issue as well, but I got unbanned :)

I’m afraid I can’t really help you for this as I’m not some IT expert, so like I said you should contact one of the moderators… However, you should try to delete, and the reinstall Infinite flight, and hopefully your old info should be there. Best of luck!

Replay is your best friend… or enemy. If it glitches while you were flying you should be able to use your replay as evidence. Good luck.

Hey, can you show your display name and callsign? One of the moderators like @Chris_S or @schyllberg can look up logs.

This happened this morning I live on Colorado so for me this happened at around 9:00.

Thank you guys will look into the moderators.

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happy to help, buddy!

One last thing when I try to send the moderators a message it says “Sorry, you cant send a personal message to that user.” If you could help me that would be awesome

Hi @CaptainBrad, I have put you in a PM with a moderator. You can continue there for your issue :)

Thank You.

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