Glitch or Bug? After the Update


Oh so is Third party app problem then?


Gosh is hard for me as Shaky Cam is just so realistic like a lot!


Thanks for the reply John. I did many tests with this pretty much all day and as I mentioned it seems like the shaky cam from the app causing this . Until it can get fixed I would urge the same . Other than that the app itself is flawless so something somewhere between infinite and inflight assistant is the cause I believe. Love your app .


Also out of the topic.
Would you add the Airbus and Boeing v1 computer callout each of them? 😜


Haha, you would not believe the list of features people would like me to get to at some point. ;) No guarantees, sorry. :)


As John said it could be a bug in the api , so yes it’s there between the app and infinite flight . I also love the shaky cam and I love my wing views so it’s a tough choice for now until they can work this out .


@epaga thanks for the advice! Hope this gets fixed soon!!