Glitch or Bug? After the Update


After the update when you are taking off or after the touch down with 737, I checked the wing view, the angle showed me incorrectly.

Just try it then you know what i mean.

Any advice?


What angle are you talking about? A screenshot of what you are encountering would be helpful.


It will show incorrect angle or view when you are at the Wing view.
It happens when you are rolling for take off or after the touch down, the camera angle is not showing Wing View


I’ve noticed this too - presumably (and hopefully) it’s a bug


Is this on live or solo? Can you provide a screen shot to clarify what you are seeing?


Strange, I can’t seem to recreate it now on solo or live, after 3 flight of the glitch happening. Originally it was happening on live (expert server in South Africa region, to be exact). I’ll try again tomorrow to see if it’ll do it :)


And just to clarify what I have been seeing on my end, I would move the wing view cameras on the 737-800 to a slightly more ‘realistic’ view (i.e. more preferable) and when taking off and landing I would take a look at said views, only to find the position of the camera has temporarily defaulted to looking straight ahead down the runway, as if the person were sticking their head out the window and looking forward. This would then return to normal once off the ground or while exiting the runway after landing.


It’s not about Live or Solo.
Just follow what I said and give a try u will understand.

737-800 Set the power for take off, when the plane start rolling check the wing view you will see the incorrect camera angle.
Same as after touched down.


Same thing here on my end I had this on the 737-8 and also on the 787-8. The wing view is pretty much gone after you just land and it looks straight down the runway. Certainly something that needs to be looked into .


Good evening guys

I have news - this is not gone yet. I performed a landing at Port Elizabeth (FAPE) about 10 minutes ago (currently 17:50Z) and the glitch happened again.

Attached below is a screenshot showing what we’re on about. It vanished again at approx. 35kts GS, so possibly has something to do with IF Assistant (I know the ‘shaky cam’ on that cuts out at that speed).

Hopefully we can get this resolved quickly - I like my wing views on landing!


Yes I have this too . I been testing all kinds of scenarios with this cam issue and all the aircraft are doing this at any airport live or solo. It needs to be fixed because after landing or during takeoff I always go to the wing views or engine views .


Kindly developers look into this issue and fix it ASAP, just annoying


I agree I’m sure they will get to this quickly as it’s very annoying. It seems the camera issues are just very swift to the touch . Have you tested this without inflight assistant?



Since the update the app crashes at the loading page or just hangs forever…I have closed it down and restarted my iPad many times and still not working. Pls help


Ok I believe I have found the culprit here. It’s in inflight assistant app… I have tested this issue without the app completely and the camera view works flawlessly upon landing and takeoff. I also tested it with inflight assistant on but without the shaky cam on and it worked. When I tested it with the shaky cam on the issue is present . I can confirm it’s the shaky cam causing this issue. You can fly it withou the shaky cam and it should be fine until John can look int this. We need to tag him .


I tested it without shaky cam on and it’s the culprit


Check my thread below


Oh No I haven’t, but I think this is not the case 🤔


I tested it and it worked without the shaky cam if you use inflight assistant or without the app at all. When I did have inflight assistant, the issue was right there


Hey guys, all I’m doing is calling the API, so this seems to be an API bug in IF. You can turn off the shaky cam until it gets fixed, I guess…

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