Glitch on American retro 777

Small thing, but there is a white line next to the American title which appears when zoomed in and disappears when zoomed out.

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Looks to be the ground marking, to be honest. Not sure exactly what it is, but it is what it is, I guess.

I believe it’s just the texture quality because I see it when it’s zoomed out. It might be harder to see but it’s there.

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This white line is actually there to collect water so it doesn’t drop on passengers when boarding :)

Why it’s not there when it’s zoomed out is a different issue… I’ll dig in some more and if need be I’ll report it to the team.


I think you know why :)
When you zoom out, we remove some details to improve performance. LOD.


Oh just checked a picture of the real thing and it is there.
Fine but the tail plane AA colours are still the wrong order 🤧

That’s known :) And they’re only in the wrong order on one side. #mirroring


But still, the OCD among us can’t cope with it 🙂

Oh i know, far too well ;)

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I second this statement.

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The American flag is missing on the tail also. 😱 Have I just made things even worse for you?

Let’s just mention the A350 cockpit windows and be done with it ;)


What about the 772 engine size? Cant forget about the 772 flap track cover either.

Oh damn, just noticed that. I’m going to cry.

We’re all doomed now.


But it can be added when they correct the AA colours, right Seb 🤣

I’ll stop 😂

For the record, none of my comments above were meant to be rude. I was sincerely joking and do appreciate all of the work from the devs!

We actually have a list of things that will be improved even on the 772ER later on, don’t worry.
Oh, cockpit windows is not on that list. It’s a pandoras box touching that at this stage.


@danielsun36 I’ll just add one more final thing about the windows on the B772 to put your mind to ease…

During the beta testing stages we actually had a whole thread designated just to the windows on the B772. There was a lot of going back and forth with the artists to make them as good as they can be. At one point we just had to say “it’s good enough” as trying to perfect them even more would have all the beta testers poking their hairs out and getting a ruler to measure pixels on the screen. The windows are as good as they’re going to get.


And it looks good, maybe the side windows are a tad large but overall pretty convincing.
The A359 though, is way off, looks like no one looked at picture of the real thing throughout modelling the ‘raccoon’ glass.
This definitely needs attention, I believe it’s on the list to be done at some point.