Glitch: Mach Speed

About an hour and a half into my long haul I happened to pass by my device sitting in the other room only to hear the over speed warnings blaring. I grabbed my device and saw the AP Mach speed at an… unlikely number. Thankfully no vios were issued but thought maybe someone on the dev team would want to see this. I have a slight feeling it happened as I entered track Z as I was on my way to EHAM. I was with my device the entire way up to cruise and then some and had it dialed into .85 for a while before I left my device.

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Did you possibly leave your device during your climb up to 35,000ft?

Forgot to note, I was with my device the entire way up to cruise and then some.

By the looks of things, you were going max speed on climb and maybe that is what caused it

Also something else, why does your autopilot say Mach 101.37?

Well that’s pretty weird 🤔

I was not going max speed. I was settled into .85 for a while before leaving my device. The Mach speed is the glitch this thread was created in regards to…


oh my goodness

Is there a way to reproduce this? As it’s not been reported before, we need a way to reproduce this to look into it :)

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I’ll let you know if I’m able to reproduce it.

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