Glitch in the terrain

![image|830x573](upload://8ir47LVdkc9ZfpJ6lGV0BEknGFn.jpeg) was flying and this appeared it looks somewhat like a runway but it’s not

It’s right in front of the runway

Where was this? Is it reproducible after restarting your device and clearing cache?

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In front of the Left wing

You didn’t provide a location in the original topic. Look again ;)

I have not tried it I was somewhere in between kmsp and kjfk

I’ll look again for this

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If you could it would be helpful if you took a screenshot of your map if you locate it again this way we have a cross reference.

Roger I will try to fly and find it

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Sorry I can’t find it again

Go ahead and close the topic please

Shoot us a PM if you find it again. Include Seb in the PM :)