Glitch in the matrix along with a level 1 violation

I was taxing at Fortaleza, Brazil (SBFZ) for a flight to São Paulo, Brazil (SBSP) using a Boeing 737-700 when i suddenly fell through the ground and received a level 1 violation for acrobatic maneuvers. I have a recording for a mod if they wish to see, but I do hope they can drop this violation. Thank you


Please message @appeals with that replay, they’d be happy to reverse those violations :)

For future reference, head to Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache to prevent the falling through the ground issue.


I’m unable to upload the replay due to it not being jpg or the others

Use :)

If you message @appeals, they will guide you along the way.

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Is there a way I can send it to someone through facebook?

I believe you can’t.

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If you’ve used this website correctly, you can send your replay anywhere.

Once you insert your replay into the upload box, enter the description and complete the captcha, you can send anyone that link that will pop up in blue, as shown below.


Somehow I lost the replay

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Who else was around you? Maybe they can get the replay

It was just me, I mean i lost the replay on the flight Sim, but I still have it recorded though its in .mp4

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Aren’t these violations pilot error for not clearing cache before hand?

I don’t think mods will rescind the violation.

Not Pilot error game error, they will restore

They are not deemed pilot error. If the pilot in question has a replay to provide to moderators, they can see what happened and reverse.

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PM @appeals with the Mp4. Upload it to Google drive or you tube and send it to them