Glitch in Solo mode

When you play approache in solo, initially when you start your heading is say x. After about two seconds the heading suddenly changes to something different even you u dont turn. I noticed it to be x+20.
Here are a few pictures I captured.
As u can see i am approaching KNUC. Initially heading is 73 and then suddenly changes to 55. This is a bit of a problem while using A.P.

Hope for an answer soon.

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Do you notice this frequently, or was this a one time issue?

Also which heading is it supposed to be?

Feels like it’s different. The heading that is changing is the aircraft heading, not airport related.


I just did it in game, and I was able to replicate it on a smaller scale, probably some sort of glitch… Seems to need to find its bearings or something becuais when I did it it only jumped by about 6*, but the second one was correct…

I did notice it frequently.

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Probably just an error when you start, mine corrected to the correct heading, so not a huge deal it does not seem…🙃

Hopefully we get a fix for this soon though, now it will anow me for ever in solo…

I get this when spawning even in live. It is like it picks up your last heading and then resets it. Doesnt impant anything just initialization really.

Yes. The aircraft changes heading suddenly. I even tried it in a different region with a different aircraft and experienced the same.

From what I found this does not seem to be the case, not entirely sure what heading it is picking up on previously…

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I have not gotten it to jump more than 6* but it definitely happens…

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OMG, the same thing happens to me to. Its also happens in casual and I think training and expert too.