Glitch in Replay

I was going through a few replays and i found a glitch in the terrain

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That’s the famous terrain cut-line. Infinite Flight doesn’t have any terrain data at over 60 degrees north, so the terrain there is completely flat. However, there is a point where you transition to 59 degrees and IF has terrain data, so terrain and mountains appear again.

What you are looking that is that transition point.

You can read more about this situation in this blog by Infinite Flight:

Strange, it didn’t happen before.

I used the same replay a month back and the glitch wasn’t there and now i went back to it and there’s a glitch

This has been the case for ages, and it’s not a glitch, but rather a known case.

Maybe last time you checked the replay you weren’t at the exact transition point.

It has caused problems when trying to reduce visibility to add fog

here’s an example →

Same replay a month back

Same replay now →

With the visibility set to 100m there’s no fog

Wow all of a sudden the visibility is working again, i refreshed infinite flight multiple times

Thank you for helping me @tunamkol!

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