Glitch in replay mode

I like to screen record and edit my replays from replay mode. But when I press the screen record button on my iPad in the control centre, the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen that lets you scroll to different parts of the replay disappears not allowing me to scroll to different parts of the replay. It’s not just only when I press the record button. It’s also when I open my control centre on my iPad. So I was just wondering if its a bug something like that.

The navigation bar disappears after holding down on the screen for three seconds. Maybe you are doing this and you accidentally triggered it.


No, its not that. Good suggestion by the way. It’s when i open up the control center

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This may seem like a device involuntary function rather than the apps doing. We should get second word from Schyllberg soon. However, you could import your replay and use a third part app to make any edits.

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That sounds like an issue with whatever third party recorder you are using. It may have options of where to dock the controls.


I’m using the default in screen recorder that comes with all apple devices

Can you show me a screen shot of the issue.


The same issue happens to me a lot, I just restart Infinite Flight every time that occurs; and that fixes the problem.

When it happens on Android, it’s mostly because some sort of pause screen is enabled. Usually I just hit the return button and the actual pause screen appears.

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