Glitch in Infinite Flight

I did 2 long haul flights across the pacific recently which both of those flights should have took 9 hours to complete. When I should have been approaching the end of my flight, the electronic device I was using, its screen turned black and since I could not do anything else, I quit out of the game and was wondering if anybody could tell me what has happened and can tell me how to fix it?

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what is the device you using?

You’re memory had possibly run out… what device do you use?

I was using a LG G7

How can I check to see that my memory did not run out

the 4gb ram or 6gb

That’s very powerful, can’t be the problem!

I dont know how to check what model it is

What are your graphic settings?

How can I check this

Go into Infinite Flight Settings and to the graphic Tab are the settings high?

well the rendering quality and texture quality is medium but the rendering resolution is high and anti aliasing is off

maybe try everything at medium and make sure to close all apps before starting a flight

Ok so not too high.When doings long flights again make sure to turn graphics down during cruise!

Perhaps also do a soft restart!

so turn down all graphics to low?

During the cruise stage yes!

Try to use the button “Clear Cashe”. it helps your data and makes your device smoother

Okay so Ill restart my device and try that tonight when cruising. Thank you for your help! If this does not work, can I tell you the problems that arise tomorrow?

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okay I will do that right now

Absolutely, everyone on the community is happy to help!
Good luck!
Happy Flying

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