Glitch in Global

When I try to land from a flight, I will either land in mid air, or my plane will just bounce up and down a bunch of times. Feedback is appreciated. I am using an iPhone SE.


If I remember correctly, iPhone SE is not supported in the new update.


Likely stemming from the ongoing server issue

Please provide more information such as:

  • Type of plane
  • Airport you are landing at
  • What server you are on
  • Go to settings / about and give the version number.

SE would be supported actually it has the right specs for it

Though, I do think it is as what @Jake_Stopher Said. It may be from the server overload we are experiencing at the moment.

I was flying an E190 landing at London City airport, and was on the training server in global. Version 17.04.0

Had the same problem. In an A330 upon landing into an airport in Semai International.

I’m trying to get in the simulator but I can’t, it doesn’t work, I think it might be because of the overloading in the server… Do you guys have a solution for this ?

Be patient. This should gradually improve throughout the day.


Hi! Thanks for contacting us on the Infinite Community forum. The issue is due to server problems.
The servers are currently being updated, so please be patient as the loading times will decline once they are set up and ready to go. In the meantime, why not have a look around the forum? We have a number of amazing events in #live:events, useful guides in #tutorials and a whole host of interesting requests in #features!
Thanks for your patience!


You may need to delete the app and install the update fresh.

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Im sure iPhone 5s up are supported

that’s what I did but it still doesn’t work

That is incorrect. the iPhone SE is fully supported with global.


The iPhone SE is basically a small iPhone 6s. And since my 5s is still supported I have reason to believe the SE is…

Hey the iPhone SE works perfectly fine. Im currently flying it at the moment In global.

Mine works fine on wifi except for airports are only part way there

I got it too, landed on Dubai from a long flight from Amsterdam and I glitch in the air and then in to the ground, after that I was taxing under the ground.
I play on a ipad air 2 and flight in a A380strong text

That happens because of the high server load, our servers are not able to send you the airport and imagery where you are trying to land so it glitches because the terrain is not fully loaded.

Once the server load gets better, you will be able to land wherever you want.