Glitch got me a violation

A bug where you can fall thru the ground got me a violation. Am i in a situation where I can get this violation removed?

Hey bud,

You may be, however we need more than that screenshot. If you provide a link to your replay and a screenshot of your ATC window log, then you will strengthen your case.

Here you can share the replay file with us @TheFlyingKiwi 😊

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how do I send the replay Idk if i did it right

@Marc here is the replay

It worked, thanks for sharing 👍🏼

For me, it looks like there’s no fault from your side as it’s definitely a glitch so I guess the violation should be removed. But let’s wait for a moderators decision here. :)

In the meantime you should clear your scenery cache as a precautionary measure to maybe prevent such a glitch to occur again.

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still got the violation… hope one of the mods see this

I did a flight yesterday and saw the same guy fall through the ground whilst taxiing twice on expert server. They really need to find a fix

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