Glitch - Flight Progress Paused in Online

Yesterday I attempted a 20 hour flight from LTBA-NZAA. While I was at work someone else in my house locked my iPad, so when I got back and unlocked it, my flight was paused. I was out of the house for 11 hours, and almost 12 hours had passed since I started my flight. When I resumed the flight, only 4 hours of my flight had passed. Obviously on live, even when in the paused screen, your flight is supposed to continue. Mine clearly didn’t. I let the flight continue overnight, and I must’ve hit the pause button again in my sleep because I wake up and the flight is paused again. So I hit resume, and despite sleeping for 8 hours, my flight had only progressed another 2 hours (6 hours flight time total). I ended up having to quit the flight because the timing was no longer going to work. If anyone has experienced this and knows a solution then I’d love to hear it, but this is more intended as a bug report to hopefully reach the right people.

locking the iPad is different as it essentially closed IF, which pauses the simulator.
In your sleep when you woke up was your iPad running a different app (maybe on the home screen) or was if still sitting on the paused screen?

It was sitting on the paused screen, no other apps open.

On Live, when you pause, it’s just like pausing on Solo. Your flight doesn’t continue progressing. For other players on live, your aircraft disappears for them and reappears when you unpause. Locking your device (with the power button or screen timeout) will pause the app.

To Fix this: Remind your family members to not interfere with IF when it’s running and adjust the Screen Timeout in the Settings under display to Never.

Ive had it happen to me not from a locked screen but the app kicking itsefl to the background, which paused the flight. Woke up with my screen in sleep mode and my flight on pause

Well maybe you should disable sleep mode so your Note 8 stays awake.

Hmmm Sleep mode on a Note 8

Are you sure about that? Every time I’ve had it paused before (usually just to mute the sound) the flight progress has continued. I’ve done entire long hauls with it paused and no issue until now.

Jake, what’s the actual bug here?
That your app didn’t mysteriously close? ;)

Your iPad was locked, iOS most likely paused everything. Flight progress are usually made during pause in the Live environment. But locking your device adds another variable to the equation which is out of our hands.

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Also possible you could have gotten a low battery warning or something of that sort

Well I was surprised it didn’t close, and I thought it might have been because the device was locked. However what makes me suspect that it’s a bug is the same thing happened overnight when the flight was in pause, and that time my device was on with IF running the entire time.

Pretty sure it’s supposed to stop when in pause mode for x amount of time. Been like that for quite a while.

I’ll double check that later :)

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OP never referenced a Note 8. Posts like this are best suited for a PM to clear up any confusion. Then the poster can correct their posts if needed.

My iPad is always plugged in when running IF, so that wasn’t it

I also have posted the same issue, but it seems to be my own fault

So, the general thing is that when the app is paused during flight on any of the servers it should continue. Unless the device is locked of course.

I’ll work on checking if that’s the case. And if not, see how long it takes for it to stop after entering the pause menu.

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I had this a couple weeks ago…

I was doing a ULH from San Francisco to Singapore. Soon after reaching cruise altitude and checking all the flight parameters were OK, I left the house for about 4 hours. When I came back, I found that an Apple ICloud notification (which I cant turn off) had paused my flight so when I pressed resume, only 45 minutes of the flight had passed (the amount of flight time roughly gone when I left the house). I had to quit the flight because the timing for landing wouldnt have worked

Just to repeat, this is not a big or a glitch;
When your iPad or iPhone has an on screen interruption, or is locked, it pauses whatever app is currently active on the screen. This isn’t something caused by IF but your device.

Locking the I pad is disconnecting from IF,it will stop from where u were last flying without disconnecting from IF