Glitch causes speed violation

I was in expert recently in an a380. I was right after take off I realised that I was speeding up really quickly, I decided to put the throttle to idle and level out, but I continued to speed up, I wouldn’t stop and I got violated which is totally unfair, is there a way I can have my violation removed plz help

violations are NOT removed. Next time,raise the nose and slow the aircraft down sooner


You clearly haven’t read it clearly, IT WAS A GLITCH, I even pulled up the nose, tried everything I could and still sped up

Part of flying responsibly is paying attention to your speed. An aircraft like the A380 cannot slow down from 300 knots to 250 knots in a split second. As Tom Grollbeer has stated, your violations will not be removed.


there is NO glitch. Unless you have a screenshot of it. You took off too fast most likely

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Violations are not removed unfortunately as @anon66442947 said. My advice for next time is when you notice a glitch and your inputs have no effect, exit immediately.

When you notice your speed increasing, just raise the nose, set your throttle to 0% and disengage the autopilot, then set the spoilers for flight. If that doesnt work, EXIT.


Yes off course, when your plane is on idle and leveled out,you start speeding up over 325 knots, I really wish I listened to my pyshics classes

Umm, may I ask one thing… At what speed did you take off at?

It could be that you took off at all too high speed and ended up exceeding 250kts. Could happen if on is flying a Super and believes they need a lot of speed to take off.

160 knots for the weight of the aircraft

Did you receive the violations below or above 10000ft?

And at what altitude did you level off your plane?

Do you have any videos or screenshots of this issue? Unfortunately without any evidence there’s nothing that can be done.
I look forward to assisting you.


Below, 250+ under 10000

The speed limit below 10000ft is 250kts, you may not exceed that speed.

Above 10000ft then it’s 350kts.

Just to ask, Did your speed still increase rapidly when moving the throttle lever? Also, did you takeoff with autopilot or engaged it after takeoff?

Yes I know, I said if you get 250+ under 10000 you get violated

Hello, This does not look like a glitch. You were overspeeding and got violations, unfortunately, you would not get those violations removed. Next time remember to be more careful.

As I rotated at 160, I kept on putting my throttle lower and lower as I saw the speed quickly gowing up, I actually checked if my auto pilot was on and it wasnt

Like Ewan asked, do you have any proof of this?
You need to have evidence if you want the violations removed.

Unfortunately no

Could you try to reproduce the issue (same airport, aircraft, etc.) and record your screen? It’ll be very useful to try and get this issue fixed, and I can remove the violations if this is an issue. Thanks