Glitch at Runway 07 of YSSY

I recently found out that Runway 07 of Sydney Kingsford has a glitch in which while I was departing with American Airlines, the plane started to sink in the ground and when I tried to pull up the aircraft it just crashed. I tested it twice to see if I committed the error, but it turned out that I didn’t cause I did the same procedure at Runway 34L and everything was fine. Now, after 3 tries, I am on my way to Los Angeles.

If your aircraft is falling through the ground you can try clearing your scenery cache by going into settings–>general–> and scroll down


What is the reason why it is happening? I’m really curious and somehow frustrated cause of what happened.

It’s when the airport has been downloaded and had a corrupt download. It’s a rare bug.


Thank you so much for clarifying. At least, I can sleep with a peaceful mind now that I found out what is the problem.

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Thank you so much. Will do this after my current flight to Los Angeles.

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You can actually do it in flight as well in the pause menu. 🙂 The game may temporarily freeze due to the cache being deleted.

I have another problem, maybe you can help in clarify. the other day, I am en route to Brisbane from Doha via Quatar Airways and as I do the arrival at Brisbane, the app just froze and after a few seconds it just force stop making my flight not accounted in the system. It’s really bugging me because of that. Do you have any suggestions on what should I do?

I and would try restarting or reinstalling to see if it helps.

Reinstalling is a drastic step which doesn’t need to be taken unless necessary. If you’re experiencing freezing, I always like to clear cache before and after each flight, and try lowering your graphics settings or airplane count. These small steps can help before reinstalling the entire app.


Thank you so much. Will do today. I hope it will fix the problem.

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