Glitch at Orlando

This has never happened to me before lol

The taxi lights and taxiway spawned but the runway and taxi borders didn’t

Daytime for better view

I’m on iPhone SE with IOS 16.2 installed.

I dont know if this is a one time thing but it’s kinda funny


Maybe try clearing your scenery cache

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I do that after every flight.

Is the problem just in Orlando?

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I’m not sure as I’ve never had this glitch before. But Orlando is a really glitchy airport and I wouldn’t be surprised.

Most likely going to be fixed when it is released 3D in a coming update. Looking at it in my game since it shows 3d as I’m IFAET its fine.

Try these steps and let me know the results:

  1. Spawn into another airport and see if the problem is still there (just wondering)
  2. Restart your device & clear your scenery cache (again)
  3. Go back into Orlando and see if the problem is still there
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I don’t believe that is the case, you have no issues not because you’re in IFAET, but instead the OP is having caching issues (I think), which can unfortunately happen to anyone in IFAET or not in IFAET (I don’t understand exactly how it works but this issue can happen to anyone)

i broke my brain attempting to read this…


sudo service flyin_hawaiian_brain restart

Feel better now?

I think they’re trying to say because you’re in IFAET you have a different version of the airport compared to OP

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ah now it makes sense, im used to broken english, or a offical languange here in hawaiʻi, pidgin.

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Nope(ten ten)

@Chaseelliottfan9WG Is this still happening? Could you spawn into a random airport and check?

Nooo all I meant was that I don’t think it makes a difference if you’re in ifaet or not as this issue can happen to anyone
Apologies for my very mind numbing wording lol

oh yeah then you confused me too, but many of us got those moments of sending confusing replies

sure these issues can happen to anyone, nothing is perfect


A little update. Last night I did a flight from Orlando to Yeager and I didn’t have any issues that flight. Thank you to everyone that helped!


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