Gliding update

Hey everyone! Last September I made an IFC post about my gliding stuff pre-solo. Well last January I soloed on my 14th birthday! Currently I am building PIC time and in the last couple of months I have gotten checked out in 7 gliders total!!! My most fun had to of been on my first XC. We departed from KZPH and flew around near FD33 green swamp aero dome and flew back under a shelf for the class B (KTPA airspace). I’m now starting to study for my GPPL and I’m super excited!!! I can’t believe I’m 14 and able to solo in 7 different planes!


Super cool! I’d like to get back into a glider myself some day. You and @tomthetank will get along just fine. 😜

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Let me know when your down in FL and Ill get you up in one!

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This looks very fun! Even in this young age being able to solo fly a lot of aircraft seems fantastic.

Great picture too, looking forward to your gliding future!

Worry not, I am 17 and I never really flew solo yet.


Keep up the good work dude! Gliding is the best way for young people to get into aviation, full-stop. Love to see it!


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