GLIDING - the beauty of the noiseless, "real" flying - a couple impressions...

It is possible to fly without motors, but not without knowledge and skill. - Wilbur Wright

As some of you may or may not know, I’m a student glider pilot at a local air sports club here in Germany.
Thought I’d share a couple images since I’ve never done this before, the forum is way too crowded with global topics and I believe many of you don’t know the beauty of gliding, the beauty of noiseless flying - or as we glider pilots call it - the real flying.

Please note that all of these pictures were taken by a smartphone camera and I am not a photography veteran.

Our two Grob Twin Astir’s during a misty morning…

Sunset shots of one of our “Twin’s”…

Some pictures I’ve taken during a sunset flight yesterday. Notice the beauty of southern german landscape and the mountain silhouettes in the background…

Pictures from a short flight quite a while ago…

And some pictures of a flight from farther up there…

Soaring with another glider from our club…

If you have any questions regarding gliding or the training process or myself or whatever - ask below.
I would love to answer them and get a bit into talking about gliding.

Happy soaring!


so how does a glider takeoff?
how does it stay in the air?
How long can one Fly?
if you can answer these that would be great, Thanks.

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Wow those pictures are flawless for a smartphone camera! 10/10 would glide again.


Either by being towed behind a motorized plane or by being launched into the air by a winch.
At our gliding club, we almost only use the winch.

In the quickest way I can put this… a glider stays in the air / climbs when the air in which it is flying is ascending faster than the plane itself is descending.

For as long as you don’t have to go to the toilet. When the conditions are right, a glider can easily stay in the air for 8 hours or longer.


Yeah, because looking everything up on google will start a good conversation…


how long would it take to go 1000miles With winds in my favor

Yay, a non-global topic 😄 nice pics 😉


It would take as long as you would need.
You can’t give a universal time for that since you can’t compare gliding with motorized flying.
A motorized plane just flies these 1000nm in a straight line. As a glider pilot, you need to find your way from thermal to thermal to stay up in the air and you can never plan a flight exactly.

You would certainly be out and about for an entire flying day if you started early in the morning and caught perfect conditions.


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thanks , gliding seems cool.
I want to try it
is training expensive IYO


That depends.
Here in germany it is very cheap thanks to its popularity. For my entire training I paid around 2500€, which you can transfer to your currency yourself, and that is really cheap. There are a couple yearly fees I have to pay in addition, but don’t add up to a lot. My major advantage is that I’m flying in an air sports club, I do not have to pay for every flight, but a certain annual fee that allows me to do as many flights as I wish, one or a hundred - the price is the same. I also don’t have to pay the cost for an own airplane and its maintenance as I’m flying with the club’s gliders.
I actually have no idea how the situation is in the US. Perhaps just have a look out for a gliding club and ask what about the prices are. If I had to take a guess, I think gliding is significantly more expensive in the US.
But get yourself some information and share it here, I would like to know as well.


Is it not terrifying getting launched by the winch? I would love to try gliding. But I don’t think I would regain consciousness after getting tossed like a paper plane.


2500 euro is equal to $2932 in the us
something says it can cost up from $1500 to $2500
Source :

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I do it as a hobby. Much cheaper than burning Jet A1 fuel and you can enjoy the terrain a hell of a lot more. I tend to do aerobatics with my glider. When bored. But I am a power who loves power so I fly twin props. I can’t convince you to take up gliding. But I ensure you, you don’t feel that many G forces. Maybe back seat a trial and see if it’s for you


I’m going to quote Matt Jones here, since it is absolutely fitting.

“Every time you take off, it feels a bit naughty, as if you were doing something humans shouldn’t really do.”

And that just describes it perfectly.
It is an adrenaline rush to go from 0 to 100 in two seconds and then ascend up there almost vertically with a 20 km/h headwind.
It is much more spectacular than normal, prop flying. When I did my very first glider flight a while back I was a bit sceptical as well. However, that flight immediatelly convinced me to start gliding right away.
It’s a feeling you can’t really describe, to soar through the sky with no noise, to feel every gust of wind hitting the glider.
I have to agree that you do need a durable stomach sometimes, I do not often, but occassionally just abort flights because I flew myself dizzy. But that just speaks for itself. Gliding is in fact an adventure.
I can suggest gliding to anyone really. Try it, taste it and fly yourself right away.


Nice! I fly Schweizer 2-33As. Nice Grob 103s!

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I fly a schleicher ASK 13 for my instruction. And I love gliding so much

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@BavariaAVIATION. MaxSez: Great Pics, fond memories. Here’s a “Well Done” flag set for your “I love Me” scrapbook. ( Spent time at the US Language School in Garmish-P back in the day. My Tutor was a Glider Pilot in a twin, as I remember it was was a GLOB. Had 1 short hop, the view of the Alps & Zugspitz where breath taking. A moment in a full life I’ll never forget. The Silence is mesmerizing… BZ


Excellent shots. I have myself flown a glider a couple of times, and am no expert, however there is a thrill in the flight but also a sense of peace, due to the lack of noise and stress from powerless flying on thermals
-they dip and dance like barn swallows at dusk
glancing wingtip-to-wingtip against a lavender sky
barely touching - yet, each creating thermals for the other
to catch and ride - higher and yet, higher - towards a pale star…

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Those gliders are used in the air training corps. We call them the vikings. Truly magnificent gliders made by grob.